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Dental Solutions for Sleep Apnea and Bruxism

Sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening illness that causes you to stop breathing repeatedly during sleep. Breathing pauses can last several seconds or minutes and occur up to 30 times or more per hour. The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea, which occurs when air cannot flow through the nose or mouth due to some kind of obstruction. Common signs of obstructive sleep apnea include early morning headaches, daytime sleepiness and insomnia. Dr. Taggart-Burns and Dr. Monnier have the necessary technology and expertise to treat sleep apnea in several different ways. Often, they will recommend a special dental appliance to decrease the obstruction and facilitate breathing during sleep.


More comfortable treatments than C-PAP

Sleep masks such as C-PAP were traditionally used to keep the patients’ airways open while they slept. But these days there are less intrusive, more comfortable options. Dental devices like the mandibular advancement splint gently ease the lower jaw forward to prevent the tongue from blocking the main air passage. Such dental appliances are gentle, easy to wear and can often help prevent unwanted surgeries.

Another common condition that occurs during sleep is chronic teeth grinding, known as bruxism. Chronic teeth grinding can lead to many dental complications, such as cracked or severely worn teeth. Dr. Taggart-Burns and Dr. Monnier can determine if you have this condition and recommend an appliance called an occlusal guard to prevent further damage.


To learn more about sleep apnea and bruxism treatment, talk to Dr. Taggart-Burns or Dr. Monnier. Schedule your preferred one-on-one appointment at 402.891.9000. For your convenience, you can also fill out our online Appointment Request form. Our sleep apnea and bruxism patients come to us from Elkhorn, Gretna, La Vista, Millard, Omaha, and Council Bluffs.